Don't wait on software

Software built for users, not for its developers

What is dahut.tech?

dahut.tech is a distributed CRM/ERP system. It features contacts, accounts, invoices, products, documents, todos, orders, projects, passwords and more.

Speed matters

Have you ever had to wait for someones business system? Have you ever had a clerk tell you that "just a second the computer is thinking"? Speed matters, it matters a lot.

Native user interface

Each platform is different. Android, Windows, OS X, Linux, all have their user interface that is perfectly tuned to that platform. dahut.tech will adjust itself to always use the native user interface environment for your platform.


Your internet connection should not be a hinder for getting information quick. Most information never change and disk space is cheap today. dahut.tech make sure you've the data you need when you need it.

File Icons

Web interface.

Sometimes you need to reach your system from a web browser. Of course dahut.tech also has a web interface, that enables you to use your system without installing any software.

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Text user interface.

Hard to learn, easy to use. Text user inteface is still the fastest and most efficient user interface, with the downside that they are harder to learn. For power users dahut.tech has a blazingly fast text user interface that is controlled by your keyboard.

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Boring technology.

dahut.tech is written in C, lua and javascript. Using old, well understood and boring technologies to make sure to deliver a stable product, that is a joy to use.

After 20 years as technicians, we know what matters.

About Us

dahut.tech is develop by a small team. Founded in 2011, dahut.tech is dedicated to make life easier for you by handling all common tasks in the day of running a company. The drive force behind this was that all current software was slow and cumbersome to work with. As a on the road IT consultant the need for accessing information about our customers, no matter the cellphone reception, is crucial. It's also boring to wait for software. Everything view taking more than 100ms to show is considered a bug. Since no software existed to meet our needs, we wrote our own.

More Information

Please contact us for more information on info@dahut.tech.